Your Portable and Affordable Hydrogen Hydration Solution

Used by Major League Baseball and Hundreds of Medical Doctors for Optimum Physical Performance!

Superior Hydration

Provides hydrogen infused hydration to your cells to flush cellular waste and toxins from your cells

Energized Antioxidant

H2Fuel charges your water to produce anti-aging, electron rich, hydrogen infused water.

Smooth Taste & Feel

Smooth and light taste of H2Fuel enhanced water for optimum hydration and performance.

Custom H2Fuel Bottle

Charge your water anywhere to enhance physical and mental performance, turns clean water into the Ultimate Natural Energy Drink! Water naturally charged by the earth is rich in molecular hydrogen and has antioxidant properties. H2Fuel charges your water to produce anti-aging, electron rich, hydrogen infused water. Now you can enjoy charged water everywhere you go with H2Fuel! Tap and bottled water have no charge!

Chemically treated water sent through long pipes loses its natural electrical charge. Over processing also strips water of electrons – so it loses its natural ability to fight oxidation, aging and inflammation. Drink electron rich charged water!

Artesian and underground flowing water are rich in energy, electrons and molecular hydrogen. These properties give natural anti-aging and physical energy to water. Drink charged water to give you natural energy and balance.

The earth has electromagnetic energy that tends to charge the very conductive water within the earth. H2Fuel charges water through electrolysis giving it added electrons and molecular hydrogen to create water that works! 75% of Americans show signs of chronic dehydration.

Intracellular hydration is fundamental to health and energy! H2Fuel uses electrolysis to infuse an adjustable amount of activated hydrogen (H2) into drinking water to increase intracellular hydration and reduce oxidation associated with physical exertion and aging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've rounded up the most asked questions from our customers.

Value and peace of mind. We evaluated a lot of bottles from different manufacturers, many of the ones we turned down, we now see sold for two to three times the price of MyH2Fuel. It was important for us to align with a large respected US Manufacturer (Electrolux USA) for warranties, replacement components and US Support.
Good luck if your cheap online bottle from China or Korea goes bad. We offer a full One Year Warranty, US support and replacement glass and other components after warranty period. MyH2Fuel could easily be $500 to $700 compared to comparable (non-customized) Hydrogen Bottles. Also it’s cool, It’s customized, It’s yours…And did we mention you can make $50 a bottle referring others who will want their own super cool H2Fuel!
We are close with Tyler Lebaron, founder of the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation and are constantly monitoring the various therapeutic benefits and dosages. The MyH2Fuel bottle is capable of producting .108 - 1.4 ppm per serving. Simply put, if a higher dose or concentration is required for a therapeutic purpose, you can 1. Drink more servings (really good thing), or 2. Select the option of higher concentration as MyH2Fuel provides for an adjustable concentration of H2 based upon user preference.
They can be handy in a pinch but get expensive at about $1.00 a tablet and still have to be added to water. Hydrogen generated from the pills on the market use various forms of magnesium and other substances to create a chemical reaction which releases the h2 gas. Most studies on the benefits of h2 used hydrogen produced through electrolysis which is what you get from your MyH2Fuel bottle.
Ideally spring water that has not gone through a purification process (taking out the electrolyte minerals) so pure spring water not “purified” spring water. We also recommend the highest rated filters in the world by a company called “Multipure” who is the NSF highest rater filter manufacturer ever tested. They have a solid carbon block filter that rates on a level with reverse osmosis and even greater in some areas but does NOT eliminate the electrolyte trace minerals humans require! Here’s a link to learn more on filtration.
Just slightly (8.0 to 8.5 pH range) If you are seeking a total solution, we recommend the Living Water Ionizer which produces a greater range of pH in addition to therapeutic h2 gas. Ask about our promo where you can get a FREE MyH2Fuel Bottle with purchase of the most state of the art ionizer ever created (It costs a lot less than you may think)!
You can call our US Support Line at Tel: 888.559.5953 or email or (we also do volume orders and custom engraving for company promotion).
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Leading Water Expert

Carl "BUZZ" Thompson III, is one of the top water experts in the country. After thoroughly testing multiple portable hydrogen water bottles—MyH2Fuel is the one he endorses and uses himself!

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